Sealing Limestonee

        You can useHydrexto seal marble, to seal travertine, to seal limestone or even to seal granite. It is an excellent low cost mineral based product that dries completely invisible – like SkotchGard for stoneProtex is a resin based stone sealer that also dries invisibly. It is stronger than Hydrex – think of it as hydrex on Steroids!Ager and AgerTigerare both color enhancing sealers that will give stone the wet look – that is, the way the stone looks when it is damp. Proseal solvent based sealer for stone is made by Tenax in Italy and in tests this product represents the best value for sealing natural stone. It tested very good for granite (including the exotic granites), and it works on limestone, sandstone, terrazzo, concrete agglomerate, and even engineered stone. Tenax states that you can get 200 – 300 square feet of coverage per liter of Proseal!

    Sealing limestone with an impregnating sealer for limestone will prevent the stone from getting stained. This is good limestone care and in turn will make your sealed limestone look cleaner and more pristine. We carry many sealers for natural stone. Some of them dry completely invisible while others will leave the stone with the wet look, as if it were damp permanently. None of our sealers are water based, so not only do you not have to deal with water tension, you also get more surfactants which go deeper into the stone to give you the end result you are looking for – a stone that is truly stain – proofed.
    We carry granite sealer, marble sealer, slate sealer, sandstone sealer, flagstone sealer and even limestone tile sealer. While our limestone sealants can be used indoors or outdoors, the best exterior limestone sealer would by Protex, it is made in Italy by Tenax.

If you need a recommendation on which limestone sealer would be the best for you simply call us at 800-289-6834